ntagblog-06-2010Everyone cares about shelter, but not everyone cares about their environment, why? What value has been forgotten? As more and more Canadians move from the rural landscape into urban centres, the experience of the city becomes a vital reflection on the population that lives within it. What does it mean to navigate the streets of where we live? How does the experience of the urban environment affect the choices we make? We celebrate historic buildings but what of bus shacks, convenience stores or gas stations. These every day places are essential pieces of urban living. What elements of our lives affect us and inform the decisions we make in our work?


These critical questions are answered in the actions we take while choosing where to spend our free time, the paths where we choose to walk, the exciting finds we discover while carrying on our every day existence. It is the cumulative effect of everyday experiences that inform our opinions, thoughts and emotions. And these subsequently carry into our work.

Sometimes the most obvious things in life are the hardest things to define. Perhaps this lost appreciation for the obvious things in life resulted in the shelter vs. environment argument. But remaining open to opportunity can reveal discoveries about world around us which can lead to inspiration on how to then shape the things around us.