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By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect
Republished with permission courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press.

In June, the world watched in disbelief as soaring flames and columns of thick smoke ravaged Grenfell Tower in London. Dramatic images and heartbreaking reports of desperate residents trapped inside streamed across social media. So far, at least 80 people are believed to have lost their lives in the tragedy.

The source of the fire appears to have been a refrigerator inside one of the units on the fourth floor. From there, the flames spread rapidly, and within half an hour, the fire was out of control.

Regulations ensure that Canadian architect work - including from Number TEN - prevents disasters.

Image: (Natalie Oxford) Grenfell Tower burning in the early morning hours. 

Guest blog by Veronica Neufeld

While the potential benefits of industry-changing technologies are tremendous, so too are the challenges of integrating them into our daily working lives. ‘Disruptive’ innovations may be perceived as risky or even threatening by traditional industries and organizations. Number TEN Architectural Group partner and practice leader Greg Hasiuk argues that it is the responsibility of industry leaders to seek to better understand and embrace innovation, or risk being left behind.

Brent B blog 1 
By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect
Republished with permission courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press.

For several decades after the Second World War, many Canadians considered the old buildings in their cities to be symbols of decline, representing a lack of progress. Many cities, throughout the 1960s and ’70s, developed grand plans to replace historic downtown neighbourhoods with freeways, parking lots and mega-projects. In one generation, more than one-fifth of Canada’s historic buildings were demolished.
Heritage buildings can be preserved with help from the architects at Number TEN Architectural group.
Image: (Brent Bellamy) Historic buildings that survived the Modernist demolition craze, such as Winnipeg’s popular Exchange District, are highly valued.

Guest Blog
By Lori Daelick, Principal of École Connaught
and Terry Lazarou, Supervisor of Communications at Regina Public Schools
As published in the Jan/Feb Edition of the Village Voice.

This September, Cathedral-area students will be attending a brand new school that has neighbours and passersby stopping and admiring what may be one of the most striking new schools to be built in Regina.  There are many smiles and much anticipation amongst those who will be part of this school community.
Number TEN's architects are proud of the work we do on educational facilities in cities across Canada.Rendering: Number TEN Architectural Group

Brent B blog 1 
By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect
Republished with permission courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press.

The recent release of Canada’s 2016 census was like catnip for us statistics nerds. Across the country, we slouched at our computers into the early hours, poring over everything from aggregate dissemination areas to census agglomerations.
Sprawling growth encroaches on farmland and affecting resources. Number TEN focuses on sustainable architecture for this reason. Image: (Brent Bellamy) The capital region’s sprawling growth is encroaching on important farmland and affecting other natural resources.

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