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By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect 


Thirty years ago, Winnipeg's Exchange District was a hollow collection of pollution-stained industrial warehouses surrounded by treeless streets and empty sidewalks. At night, a checkerboard of dimly lit windows behind the facades of darkened buildings would reveal a subculture of artists and musicians using the low-rent spaces as studios and squatter residences. From the street, the heavy brick walls would only partially muffle the nocturnal sound of rehearsing local rock bands, as old single-pane windows pulsed to the beat of the music inside.

Albert Street was heart of the city's seedy 'red light district', anchored by the Royal Albert and St. Charles Hotels. Their dingy bars, smelling like a potent cocktail of sweat, smoke and marijuana, were the centre of a vibrant local punk rock scene. The district itself was the heart of a thriving artistic community.

 The past meets the future with the architects at Number TEN Architectural Group.

A map locating the creative industries in Winnipeg's Exchange District.

By Number Ten Architectural Group

 Architect Heather Anderson of Number TEN attended the HOST 2015, the 39th International Hospitality Exhibition in Milan.

In October of 2015 Heather Anderson, Number TEN’s Hospitality/Entertainment studio lead and senior Professional Interior Designer, was one of 25 professionals selected by the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) to attend the HOST 2015, the 39th International Hospitality Exhibition in Milan, Italy.

By Number TEN Architectural Group

With an office distinguished by character, a collegial environment and delight in the creative process, design culture is integral to the Number TEN philosophy. We are always on the look-out for innovative ways to communicate, design and build. Recently, the Number TEN spirit of design culture was further strengthened through Design Interns Aaron Pollock and Victoria McCrea’s work in the development of what has come to be known as ‘The Ministry of Competitions’.

 Proposal competitions bring out the best from architects at Number TEN.

By: Greg Hasiuk – Practice Leader, Number TEN Architectural Group


Winnipeg has long been known for its flourishing music scene, historic architecture, delectable multicultural cuisine and its sizable population of creative, well-educated citizenry. Perhaps it’s the long, cold winters that nurture and encourage creative expression. It’s been said that our vast collection of affordable-to-rent character buildings contribute to our city’s creative gift, providing a treasure trove of artistic laboratories from which creative types can freely hone their craft. Or maybe there’s something in that occasionally brown tap water that causes us to punch above our weight in all things creative.

By Kerry Feeney, Architect

Kerry F sm

 It isn’t glamorous, and maybe architects don’t want to admit it, but we talk about toilets a lot. Whether it is the actual plumbing, occupancy issues, or barrier-free design, the toilet figures prominently in an architect’s life. But in a correctional environment, the throne is king. The decisions we make as designers and operators about where the toilets are located, how they are controlled, how many there will be, and even what they are made of, will have bearing on those living and working in these facilities in ways that are more complicated and profound that just providing a device to accept waste.

Number TEN's interior design work ensures that the commode doesn't cause a commotion.

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