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By Brent Bellamy, Architect + Creative Director 
Originally published in the Winnipeg Free Press


All North American cities use zoning to regulate the development of land and buildings. By assigning properties into different categories of parkland, commercial, residential and industrial uses, zoning establishes the rules for what can and can’t be built. The vast majority of residential neighbourhoods in Canadian cities fall under a single-family zoning category called R-1, which generally mandates a land use of one detached house per lot.

The first municipal zoning ordinance in North America was established in Los Angeles in 1908, to ensure factories were not being built beside houses. The move toward specific single-family zoning, however, has a much more disturbing origin, rooted in deliberate social impacts that continue to affect cities today.

NEP7080176Image: 5468796 Architecture - A proposed infill development in Osborne Village will add new residential options to a community that is already a diverse mix of single- and multi-family housing.

We’ve created a small collection of our favourite homemade holiday treats as a means to give warmth and cheer this season. May these recipes fill your hearts as they have ours.

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By Greg Hasiuk, Partner + Practice Leader

The digitization of our world has led many to question whether we really need physical schools to teach and learn. For them, the rapid evolution of remote communication, visualization and augmented reality will spell the end of schools as we know them. An all-inclusive world of virtual teaching and learning is an inevitable future for us all.

However, the pandemic lock-down of 2020 has made it obvious that our schools are not dead yet!

If anything, 2020 has reaffirmed the need for our schools. It has confirmed that a 21st Century education is much more than the core curriculum. It is more than simply conveying information to students. This is something any good teacher will tell you.

Image: École Sage Creek School, Winnipeg, MB

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By Caroline Grimes, Interior Designer

forksmarketcovidDining out, something that was once a regular occurrence, something that was never really second guessed, is now something that everyone hesitates to do. Pre COVID-19 quarantine, going out for a bite to eat, ordering pizza because you didn’t feel like cooking, or even something as rudimentary as meeting someone at a restaurant for a date was a something out of everyday life. 

Photo: The Forks Market with social distancing implemented (Brent Bellamy). 


By Marnie Gartrell,  Architect 

Emme and MummyI’m a mom to a demanding three-year-old. Our opposing views on everything from bedtime to potty breaks, result in time-consuming negotiations full of tears (her) and a roller coaster ride of emotions (me) – usually, ending in a “time out” for everyone. This test of wills can play out ten times before breakfast. So, recently, sensing a new debate on the horizon, I blurted out “Because I said so, and I’m the Mom”. This moment got me thinking -- how decisions get made by decision-makers is actually more important than what’s decided. Exercising raw power isn’t the way to achieve long term cohesion in a family – or in an organization.

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