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Nadine P Blog

By Nadine Pearson, Architectural Intern


You have just received your master’s degree, and now you are headed to your first interview with confidence levels through the roof. After all, that piece of paper claims that you are a master… right?

Have you ever spent hours or days preparing for an interview, with parchment papers still hot off the press, only to listen to your interviewer rant for 30 minutes about how, in their opinion, your school didn’t provide you with the skills or knowledge that they expect from a graduate? I have.

Over the last several months, I have been grappling with the joys and struggles of making the transition from a university education to a professional career. It truly is a roller coaster of experience and emotion, successes and failures. I recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Architecture, and managed to land an internship here at Number TEN. My time here so far has been filled with excitement, but also moments of anxiety. What do my employers expect me to know? Granted, this profession, like most others I’m sure, contains an infinite amount of knowledge to be learned over the course of a career. Even the most experienced architect probably doesn’t have all the answers. However, I assume that there is a base set of knowledge that a graduate should have when setting out to transition from their education into their career – but what does this base set of knowledge consist of? Does it depend on the type of school I went to? Do the expectations differ from employer to employer? I haven’t found a handbook of answers yet.


By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect 

 The Bank of Montreal Building in Winnipeg was inspired by New York architects.

Referring to Winnipeg as the ‘Chicago of the North’ is like comparing the city to a famous child actor who, after his television show was cancelled, spent the rest of his life reminiscing about his time in the spotlight.

Focusing on this Chicago comparison not only discredits the diversity of what Winnipeg is today, it dilutes what the city was during the booming, turn-of-the-century rail-town days that inspired its nickname.

By Brent Bellamy, Creative Director and Architect

Union Station in Winnipeg, Manitoba - a project of the Number TEN Architectural Group, interior design experts.

In 1908, the headlines of the Manitoba Free Press boldly proclaimed Winnipeg's new train depot, to be constructed at the foot of Broadway, would be "the most modern railway terminal in the world."

It described the building as magnificent in proportions and luxurious in its appointments, the finest in the Dominion. American architects Warren and Wetmore, who were simultaneously designing Grand Central Station in New York, would go on to create a building that stood as the gateway to the Canadian West, a symbol of prosperity and optimism in the young city.

By Franz Greenwood, Architectural Designer


It is now all too simple to raise money online to pay for that Dr. Who concept rap album you’ve been wanting to record, or perhaps that dream of building your very own 50ft electromechanical serpent. The relative ease of gathering a number of people together online who are willing to contribute time or money to a common cause, however uncommon, has helped everyone from basement tinkerers to NGOs not only see a demand for their product or project but fund it, test it and eventually realize it.

Erin R Blog 2

By Erin Riediger, Interior Designer

I am often asked what made me want to pursue a career in interior design. When I respond, “my background in dance,” I am sometimes met with a puzzled look. What could an education in classical ballet and modern dance possibly have to do with design? As I went through my design education many of my projects referenced dance not only in the typologies I chose to explore (performance and rehearsal venues) but conceptually as well. Although I think some professors may have rolled their eyes at another dance reference, I revelled in being able to explore another one of my passions through a creative outlet.


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