From the very beginning, Number TEN has balanced its business success with a commitment to supporting a range of philanthropic causes that contribute to the improvement of the communities in which we live and call home.

“Corporate philanthropy is engrained within our culture and built into Number TEN’s business model,” explains CFO John Hudohmet. “Every year we invest heavily in social programs in the community through organizations such as the United Way. We believe our responsibility is to build more than just buildings. We believe in building strong communities where everyone has an opportunity to be successful.”

When the newly restructured leadership team met to discuss how to recognize 60 years of service in the community, naturally the conversation focused on making a significant charitable donation. After evaluating a range of charities, Number TEN chose to present the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation with a check for TEN thousand dollars.

“Number TEN has a long history of supporting charitable programs for under-privileged youth,” explains Number TEN Partner Robert Eastwood. “We looked at a number of philanthropic organizations in the city, and saw a lot of great things happening with the True North Foundation. It fits perfectly with our firm’s long-held tradition of giving back to the less fortunate in our community and serving to make Winnipeg a better place for everyone.”


Left to right: Number TEN Partners Doug Hanna, Barrie Ottenbreit, and Robert Eastwood; with Dwayne Green, Executive Director of Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation.

 Our Number TEN office in Victoria also celebrated 60 years by proudly supporting Boys & Girls Club, YMCA Strong Kids, The Mustard Seed, Our Place and Arts Reach.

 “Strong healthy communities support their less fortunate citizens,” says Number TEN Partner and Victoria office leader Barry Cosgrave.  “In recognition of our 60th anniversary, we felt it was important to contribute to these charitable organizations to help in this goal.”