Number TEN’s commitment to innovation was well-demonstrated in the last few months as Number TEN Partner and Practice Leader Greg Hasiuk attended a number of local and national symposiums, workshops and events on the theme of innovation in the 21st century.

In February, Greg attended the Canadian Construction Innovations (CCI) annual general meeting in Toronto. Established in 2009, CCI is committed to facilitating communication and teamwork within the construction industry in order to promote and streamline industry-wide innovation.
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CCInnovations aims to establish a new culture for innovation in the construction industry

“The way architects and the construction industry design and deliver projects is changing a lot. We’re now teaming up a lot more with contractors, subcontractors and specialized consultants, and current methodologies need to be adapted,” Hasiuk says. “It’s important to Number TEN that we are actively involved in figuring out the best way to work together with our industry colleagues to innovate, share practices and enjoy the collaborative process.”

Attended by architects, engineers, contractors, government officials, owners and builders, the CCI AGM focused primarily on the industry’s position as an innovator on the national and global stage. “We spoke a lot about how to increase the efficiency of the industry as a whole,” says Hasiuk. “There is federal funding available for research and development to drive innovation for many different industries and commodities. Unfortunately, the construction industry has not yet been as active in these discussions.”

“Number TEN is participating because we’re passionate about contributing to the dialogue in our industry and how we can work more effectively together. We’re committed to being the best we can be, and helping everyone we work with find success.”

Further demonstrating Number TEN’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge practices, Hasiuk represented the firm at a Lean Construction Workshop hosted by Bird Construction with guest speaker Murray Guy, board member of the Lean Construction Institute of Canada.

Image: University of Winnipeg Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex, Winnipeg, MB

“We worked with Murray in an integrated project delivery model on the University of Winnipeg Richardson College of the Environment,” says Hasiuk. “This was before lean building was a recognized practice. Ultimately, what we were doing was applying lean practices ahead of the curve. Similarly, Number TEN has been practicing sustainable design well before LEED certification existed – on projects like the Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre. That’s one of our goals at Number TEN: we are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Image: Duck's Unlimited Headquarters and Conservation Centre, RM of Rockwood, MB