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Bridgwater 3

 This 270 rental-unit residential development is located in the new family-oriented neighborhood of Bridgwater Trails in Winnipeg. It is comprised of three 4-storey buildings with underground parkade, five 3-storey townhomes and a central clubhouse.

The aesthetic of the buildings is inspired by the farmhouse contemporary style and features high contrast exterior materials completed with warm wood accents to signal the entrances.

A central clubhouse with an indoor lounge, a 24/7 fitness facility features direct views to an outdoor pool and patio space, and the adjacent park.

Number TEN acted as prime consultant and led the master planning and architectural scope of this project along with Deveraux Developments from land purchase to contract administration.

Client: Deveraux Developments
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant
Completion: 2022
Location: Winnipeg, MB