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Chown Place is a new four storey development with 58 units of affordable housing for the Gorge View Housing Society. The project is targets resident population of both seniors and young families. Two and three bedroom garden units on the main floor will house families and one bedroom units on the 2nd through 4th floors were developed for seniors.

The building is situated within an established non profit housing development with 15 existing buildings and 108 housing units. The design of the new building incorporates a new lounge amenity space, a roof terrace, an outdoor play and activity space for children, and extensive use of the landscaping as garden plots for both the new and existing residents of the site. The project has incorporated a number of features to increase energy efficiency and is targeting Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code.

Chown Place was substantially funded through BC Housing and additionally received funding through the City of Victoria's Affordable Housing Fund. The Gorge View Society is an innovative and community-focused housing provider and developer, helping people to live affordably and independently.


Client: Gorge View Housing Society
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant 
Size: 4,124 sq. m. (44,390 sq. ft.)
Location: Victoria, BC