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Number TEN Winnipeg Office

We embarked on our own renovation with the goal to improve our client and employee experiences while enhancing the internal team processes to serve our clients better. The design team set out to create a new open work environment where all staff can better work together, collaborate, and support each other.

Workstations are streamlined and internal teams are grouped together by expertise to promote knowledge sharing and teamwork. The new space is warm, inviting, and stimulating for enhancing creativity. Staff can present ideas more effectively and impactfully, while offering clients and guests better insights into our creative process and collaborative workplace culture.

Located in a downtown heritage building, the design team wanted to celebrate the existing exposed wood ceiling, beams and limestone brick by mixing these raw materials with rich velvet fabrics, a hammered bronze accent table and intricate patterned tile in the workplace café.

Collaboration and openness are core values of this client. In order to evoke these feelings in the new space, the café was placed adjacent to reception creating a new level of transparency and a memorable visitor experience. The café is an inviting space with bulletin boards on all solid walls to promote a sense of community with clients and staff. This welcoming and friendly gathering space is the ideal spot to have a quick coffee, host impromptu meetings or large events.

The new office design features 10 different meeting rooms of various configurations and sizes to host meetings of all types. Each meeting room features state-of-the-art A/V technology, whiteboards, full network integration and contemporary design features complete with an innovative room booking system.

The reception area feature walls and the centralized workplace café were designed for presentations and events between employees, clients and visitors. The smaller fourth floor is converted into a dynamic makerspace complete with a flexible project research centre, and a new library for organizing resource materials and product samples.

To ensure the highest standards of occupant health and wellness, our office renovation was designed to meet Fitwel® certification requirements: a globally recognized program that promotes the optimization of a buildings to support health and wellness. Fitwel strategies include increasing access to natural daylight, incorporating direct and indirect LED lighting, upgrading mechanical systems, and providing a variety of workstyle options including multi-height tables and sit-stand workstations.

The renovated office has successfully energized staff, increased engagement and acts as a great marketing tool.


Client: Number TEN Architectural Group
Number TEN’s Role: Interior Design
Completion: 2019
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Award:  Winner, 2020 MASI Gold Award (Office over $80/sq ft)

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