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Scotiabank Corporate Office

Scotiabank’s new anchor tenant space at True North Square showcases the company’s updated branding while presenting a contemporary client-focused space designed for enhanced transparency, collaboration and interaction. The high-contrast design aesthetic infuses clean lines, pops of colour and warm walnut accents to add vibrancy while highlighting the office’s panoramic city views from the 13th and 14th floors.

The relocation and consolidation of Scotiabank’s wealth management and commercial banking divisions onto one-and-a-half floors of True North Square’s Scotiabank Tower required a highly efficient floor plan and office layout, flexible work stations and a variety of flexible meeting and collaboration spaces.

The project, set to open in winter 2019, showcases an impressive Manitoba art collection, historic images of Winnipeg’s banking industry, and a large custom wall mural that compliments the office’s distinctive prairie-landscape theme.

Client: Scotiabank
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant
Size: 26,920 sq. ft.
Completion: 2019
Location: Winnipeg, MB