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The Forks Market Refresh

For 6,000 years, The Forks has been a meeting place at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. A former railyard, the modern incarnation of The Forks is Winnipeg’s most popular attraction, bringing in more than four million visitors annually. One of the main venues at the site is The Forks Market, a diverse shopping destination offering a variety of specialty shops, restaurants, food and entertainment options.

The refresh design of The Forks Market celebrates the rich history of The Forks while building on its promising future. Referencing the facility’s industrial origins as two separate railway stables, the interior redesign of the market’s atrium incorporates a unique blend of raw steel, blacksmith work, and reclaimed natural wood detailing. Large metal drum pendants are suspended above the tables to define the dining area and provide feature lighting in the space. Food kiosks have been reinvented with versatility in mind to attract high-quality vendors offering an assortment of cuisine types. A new beverage kiosk features a wide variety of craft beer and wine to be sampled or paired with the food offerings.

To reinforce The Forks’ reputation as a meeting place, the space includes a series of custom designed small oak tables that can be transformed into a single 80-person harvest table for large gatherings and events. The revitalized Forks Market signals an exciting new era for Winnipeg’s most cherished meeting place.

The Forks Market earned a Commerce Design Winnipeg Award grand prize in 2017 in recognition of its exceptional interior design qualities.

Tourism Winnipeg Guest Blog: 
A new vision for The Forks Market: A design guest post 
Written by Erin Riediger, Interior Designer - Number TEN Architectural Group

Designing The Forks Market

Winnipeg, MB
Number TEN Role: Prime Consultant
The Forks Renewal Corporation
Size:10,500 sq. ft.
Completed: 2016