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the hive winnipeg

The Hive Winnipeg is a rock climbing and fitness facility which aims to grow the climbing community in Winnipeg. Unlike traditional rock climbing facilities, The Hive is primarily a bouldering facility, allowing visitors to climb freely and explore without the need for ropes and harnesses. The facility is designed to accommodate fitness training, climbing competitions, private events, and recreational climbing for people of all ages and experience levels.

An existing commercial space in the south end of Winnipeg was renovated to accommodate the needs of the modern rock climbing facility. The renovation includes a reception and sales area, a large climbing floor, fitness training space, a private event room, gender neutral shower and changing facilities, and back of house areas. Updates to electrical, lighting and the HVAC system were made to suit the unique needs of the climbing fitness facility.


Client: The Hive Winnipeg
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant + Interior Design
Size: 1,133 sq. m. (12,200 sq. ft.)
Completion: August 2020
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Photography:  Sunny Szpak-Holly