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Weyburn Elementary School and Weyburn Recreation and Cultural Centre (Joint Use Facility)

Weyburn Elementary School is a unique 21st century learning environment physically connected to a City-owned recreation and cultural facility called the Weyburn Recreation and Cultural Centre (WRCC). Working closely with the City of Weyburn, Southeast Cornerstone School Division and a diverse group of community stakeholders, the design team set out to accommodate a wide range of needs under one roof. The two-level, joint-use WRCC building is designed to achieve cohesiveness with the adjoined school, while at the same time offering its own distinct character. Accessibility, security and access to natural light were key design drivers to ensure a welcoming and safe environment for building users.

The pre-K to grade 6 school for 600 students is divided into distinct age-specific zones called learning communities; each of which contain a mix of flexible classrooms, break-out rooms, wet and messy areas, teacher collaboration spaces and student commons spaces that serve as community hubs for each age grouping. The school also features an integrated
daycare centre.

A welcoming glazed front entry connects the school to the Weyburn Recreation and Cultural Centre: a one-of-a-kind sports, culture and recreation facility with a two-level fieldhouse featuring a half-size FIFA soccer field, multipurpose space, children’s play area, art gallery, pottery studio and rooms for educational programs. The second level includes an elevated three-lane running track, volleyball / basketball / pickleball courts, golf simulator room, and flexible spectator seating.

The joint-use facility is currently in the construction stage and is set to open
in 2021.

Client: City of Weyburn
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant
Size:  198,000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2021 (expected)
Location: Weyburn, SK

Video flythrough of the Weyburn Recreation and Cultural Centre