Civic / Institutional

Studio Overview

We celebrate complex architectural problem solving while respecting the social, economic and contextual needs that make design so intriguing. We design and deliver healthcare facilities, court houses, major civic projects such as the MTS Centre , Downtown Walkway system and institutional projects through careful investigation and collaboration. Our success is built on an open exchange of ideas among the design team, engineers, building contractors and, most importantly, our clients.

Our design processes are ever-evolving and we constantly embrace new and exciting thinking in the areas of lean process integration, whole team engagement and Integrated Project Delivery. We are constantly designing, modeling, refining, costing, implementing and constructing together in new and exciting ways.

Sustainability means we look to maintain buildings, reuse and repurpose buildings and conserve resources at every opportunity. Our commitment is to design for health, well-being, aesthetics, as well as spiritual and intellectual comfort in all of our projects.

Studio Principal

bob new

Robert Eastwood
Leader: Institutional Studio
Mr. Eastwood is a partner with the firm and has led many of the firm’s large-scale developments including the Manitoba Law Courts, MTS Centre, the Oak Hammock Marsh Conservation Centre and the Women’s Correctional Centre. He is a member of the Architects and Engineers Joint Board, past chair of the City of Winnipeg Urban Design Advisory Committee, and an executive committee member of the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Studio Lead

kerry new

Kerry Feeney

Kerry is an architect at Number TEN with over 15 years of experience working on complex, major public projects. She has extensive experience designing major justice projects, including Women’s Correctional Centre, Milner Ridge Correctional Centre, West and South District Police Stations and the Treaty Three Police Station in Kenora, ON.