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The BC Housing project at 210 Gorge Road has been developed for the Victoria Cool Aid Society, a significant provid-er of affordable housing, shelter as well as health and employment opportunities in the region. This new five storey, 72 unit apartment building incorporates 42 affordable rental suites and 30 permanent supportive housing units. Part of the Regional Housing First Program, and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness’ “Priority Housing Projects List”, this project had support from the Capital Regional District, CMHC, and BC Housing. The project was designed to target an integrated resident population: working singles, low income couples, seniors, and adults need-ing supportive housing.

Both Cool Aid and development consultant CitySpaces have worked alongside number TEN to garner the support of the neighborhood residents and the City; designing the building to fit within the neighborhood plan, and the city’s fficial community plan for the area. The 210 Gorge apartment project was completed October 2022. 

Client: Victoria Cool Aid Society
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant
Size: 39,826 sq. ft.
Completion: October 2022 
Location: Victoria, BC