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2975 Jutland

The interior renovation of the 3rd and 4th Floors of 2975 Jutland was to accommodate the consolidation of the Natural Resource Ministries’ (NRM) into one space. Previously located over 5 separate buildings, the renovation amalgamated 440 full time employees on two floors.

The 5,800 sq.m. (~62,000 sq.ft.) interior renovation implemented the principles and planning requirements of Leading Workplace Strategies (LWS) while applying the criteria of SSBC’s Technical Standards, 2014 Edition. Construction was phased; Phase 1 included structural upgrades on the 2nd floor and renovation of the 3rd floor and Phase 2 included the renovation of the 4th floor. Upon completion, the two floors accommodate 65 Offices, 191 Resident & 122 Mobile workstations, 18 Quiet Rooms and 21 Privacy Rooms, and numerous collaboration work areas.

The project included the floor layouts, coordination, and move planning services for the relocation of staff and furniture from 5 buildings to their new designated locations at 2975 Jutland. Included was existing conditions investigation, furniture inventory review, schematic design, design development with two interior planning options, client and user group meetings, preparation of construction documents and NMS specification with 50%/95%/100% submissions, Tender support services, and contract administration.

Number TEN provided both architectural and interior design services for this project while managing a full consultant team including structural, mechanical, electrical, acoustical and environmental graphic design. Substantial Completion of Phase 1 was achieved in June 2019 while Phase 2 was achieved in February 2020. Barry Cosgrave was the Partner, Leslie Myers was Lead Interior Designer & Team Lead. 

Client: RPD, Province of BC
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant 
Size: 5,800 sq. m.
Completion: 2020
Location: Victoria, BC