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Garden Variety 

Winnipeg’s newest cannabis retailer is anything but ordinary. Garden Variety’s two flagship Canadian stores – located at 655 Sterling Lyon Parkway and 1424 Ellice Avenue – present a refined blend of natural and industrial elements, spacious floorplans and playful brand messaging that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Each of the brand-new Winnipeg locations feature high-end natural oak millwork, suspended wood slat ceilings, biophilic moss signage, and a custom backlit feature wall and canopy. Designed to attract and engage customers of all experience levels, the open-concept retail floor allows customers to flow seamlessly through the space to find their favorite products.

The focal point of each store is the ‘flower bar’, a natural oak service counter framed by an 8-foot-tall custom feature-wall consisting of 40 LED light boxes and industrial black metal faming that arcs into a suspended light canopy. The flower bar presents a genuine ‘wow factor’ that ties in the rest of the space and adds to the warm lighting ambience provided by mobile and feature LED pendants suspended from 17-foot ceilings.

Client: Garden Variety / Native Roots
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant
Size: 3,527 sq. ft.
Completion: 2019
Location: Winnipeg, MB