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Manitoba Real Estate Association

The project involved an addition and renovation to the Manitoba Real Estate Association office headquarters located at Inkster Boulevard and Keewatin Street. The addition consists of a single storey building expansion to the south of the existing building. A smaller addition of 200 sq. ft. extends the main entrance. Some site work, hard and soft landscaping, and drainage was included.

The building was in partial operation during construction. Staff were temporarily relocated into an existing large classroom space during construction, with access required to the existing washrooms and kitchenette area. The owner’s vision for this project was to provide a total refresh of their building look, along with adding more office space for their administration staff and increasing their association member’s lobby and breakout spaces. The intent is to provide a better facility for both their internal administration and for their greater external member’s daily usage.

The exterior was improved, providing a connected and welcoming exterior to visitors and staff. Improvements include new landscaping and lighting, modern stone façade exterior wall cladding, and extensive windows providing visual connection to the outdoors. Small roof overhangs add to the aesthetic and function for the exterior.



Client: Manitoba Real Estate Association
Number TEN’s Role: Architecture and Interior Design
Size:  8,500 sq. ft. 
Completion: 2020
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba