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Schreiber Discovery Centre

Located along Lake Superior, the Schreiber Discovery Centre is an interpretive site that highlights the history of the railway in relation to the town of Schreiber, Ontario. Positioned along the TransCanada Highway, the centre is aligned against the highway to appear as though a train is traveling adjacent to passersby. Comprised of 3 rail cars, one locomotive engine, and a central building, the composition of these elements is arranged as though they meet at a railway junction. A folded canopy envelopes the building and rail cars and appears to function as a railway station, with the rustic lap siding of the building becoming reminiscent of a boxcar.

The program flows from the exterior interpretive component, into the interior of the building where it will house future artifacts and guided tours. One of the rail cars has been transformed into a visual ride equipped with screens and audiovisuals that will convey a historical progression of the railway and the town of Schreiber.


Client: Town of Schreiber
Number TEN’s Role: Project Architect; design of building and oversight through construction
Completion: November 2020
Location: Schreiber, Ontario

Photography:  Dan Garrity Media & Number TEN Architectural Group