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Canada Life

Located in an iconic mid-century modern building constructed in 1957, this prominent insurance company headquarters redevelopment expands over five floors and 221,100 square feet. This 4.5-year phased renovation focuses on implementing a new workplace strategy, overall interior design refresh and a complete building systems overhaul that implements energy efficient mechanical and electrical services as well as an air-tight building envelope, that includes a majority of new windows. The building is now interconnected at all five levels through the existing escalator creating a new sense of openness surrounding the building core. Some washrooms, once blocking impressive views, were moved from the perimeter glazing to the building core making space for the new centralized workplace café adjacent to the interconnected escalators. This renewed approach to design revolutionizes the employee experience offering impressive views of the legislative and downtown for all staff to enjoy.

The existing building’s design features and details served as inspiration for the new office design. Upon entering the workplace café mid-century modern accents immediately catch your eye from the frosted globe light fixtures to the iconic Eames chairs surrounding the locally made walnut harvest table acting as a focal point to the space. A custom-made walnut screen was inspired by geometric rhythms found throughout the building providing semi-privacy to a lounge space along the main corridor. A beautiful porcelain travertine wall with bronze inlay acts as a feature wall bringing warmth to the space. Booth seating creates casual meeting spaces that provide acoustic privacy while grounding the space. This centralized workplace café repeats itself on every floor to support the feeling of community and connection throughout the building. The unified ring corridor connects employees to open work areas and collaboration spaces located in each ‘wing’ of the floor plate while acting as a gallery wall.



Client: Canada Life
Number TEN’s Role: Prime Consultant
Size: 221,100 sq. ft.
Completion: Ongoing - Phased 
Location: Winnipeg, MB