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Deveraux Developments

Number TEN’s relationship with Deveraux Developments started in 2015 with the construction of Summit at Seasons in south Winnipeg. Since that first multi-family development, our relationship has grown substantially, and together we have proudly built more than three thousand rental homes across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

We have established a dedicated in-office team that works collaboratively with Deveraux and our consultants from the earliest stages of feasibility planning through civic approval processes, design, construction, and finally tenant occupancy. Through this multi-disciplinary collaboration, we have optimized our processes to reduce delivery timelines while developing a strong understanding of development economics that allows us to create viable, well-designed projects. This expertise has been established across a variety of construction types, both combustible and non-combustible, in several different cities, each with unique codes, regulations, approval processes, and construction trades.

Deveraux projects include homes that can range from micro-units to three-bedroom suites and townhouses. We pride ourselves in our ability to create livable, affordable, and efficient suite layouts, regardless of size. Communal amenities, often including stand alone clubhouses, are central to each Deveraux development. These spaces are carefully designed to be active public areas that create a sense of community, improving rental desirability and quality of life for all tenants.

Notable Projects


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Grove on 17th at Tamarack
Grove on 17th is a major, five-building development, creating 347 new homes in a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta. As part of the development process, Number TEN worked collaboratively with local authorities to obtain approvals for the construction of six-storey wood frame buildings, ensuring the project’s economic viability.

The development is designed to create a strong connection to Fulton Marsh Wetland, adjacent to the site. This relationship was achieved through integrated landscape design, building orientation and configuration, and suite design that incorporates balconies and generously sized windows. The buildings are arranged around a well-landscaped central clubhouse that acts as a social focal point for the development. Its amenities include an all-hours fitness centre, and a spacious communal lounge overlooking an outdoor pool and barbeque terrace.


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Latitude 49 at Sage Creek
Latitude 49 is a premium rental complex in the new Winnipeg neighbourhood of Sage Creek. The development includes seven buildings and adds 398 rental apartments to the surrounding community in a higher density configuration that supports an adjacent commercial town centre with integrated pedestrian connections. The development creates a strong urban edge by incorporating mixed-use buildings along the street that include active retail spaces along the sidewalk to create a walkable urban experience in the new community.

A stand-alone, centrally located, amenities clubhouse and outdoor pool establishes a vibrant social focal point for the community. A large, landscaped plaza connected to the clubhouse welcomes residents and guests with a fire pit, barbeques, outdoor lounge areas and a community dog park.

Buildings are designed using a combination of combustible and non-combustible construction types, with each suite featuring a modern and efficient floor plan with high-quality interior finishes, large windows, and balconies offering expansive views to the common areas and surrounding Sage Creek community.


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The Terrace at Acre 21
The Terrace is a six-building apartment complex in Regina, Saskatchewan. The development is composed of 3-storey buildings and 5 rental townhomes, creating 110 new rental homes adjacent to a modern commercial shopping centre. The development is designed to be integrated into the surrounding community through a series of landscaped pathways and pedestrian connections.

The townhomes feature contemporary apartment layouts configured on three levels, each with a private rooftop terrace, providing expansive views across the community. The development is organized around a central clubhouse that includes administrative offices, a fitness centre, and lounge spaces with a community kitchen.