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Richardson Innovation Centre

With its dramatic angular form of transparent glass and contrasting tyndall stone, the new Richardson Innovation Centre will project Richardson International’s commitment to community building and innovation in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Designed for advanced food product development, the four-storey laboratory building will actively interact with its unique downtown location, serving as a catalyst for future pedestrian-oriented redevelopment between historic Portage and Main and the East Exchange District.

The 62,000 sq. ft. facility will create interest along Lombard Avenue with an assortment of pedestrian friendly landscaping features and unique views from the street into the spaces inside. The building’s orientation and strategic use of glass floods the interior spaces with natural light and provides dramatic views of downtown.

Inside, a large glass atrium contains a feature staircase to establish direct connections to each floor and the different functional areas of the building. The staircase provides a striking architectural statement set against a full-height wood feature wall designed as an artistic representation of a DNA barcode, offering visual warmth and conceptually expressing the building’s various scientific uses.

Location: Winnipeg, MB
Number TEN Role: Prime Consultant
 Richardson International
Size: 62,000 sq. ft.
Completed: 2020 (targeted)