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Soraya Hafez School

Soraya Hafez School is an innovative K-6 elementary school in Edmonton’s McConachie neighborhood. Designed for 650 students, the school provides a state-of-the-art 21st Century learning environment centred on collaboration, flexibility and student well-being. Classrooms are grouped into learning communities that provide a sense of place and identity within the larger school context. A neutral colour palette with pops of fresh, sunny yellow create an inviting and gently playful atmosphere. 

Throughout the building, natural light from large windows and direct access to outdoor play areas provide a strong physical and visual connection to the outdoors. A variety of teaching and gathering spaces allow for a range of teaching and learning options. Sunlit nooks provide space for informal individual work, while glazed breakout rooms are designed for small group activities. Larger open areas filled with flexible furniture connect classrooms and can be used for larger collaborative projects and presentations. Each of these components connects to the school commons – a large open space for school gathering, collaboration and celebration.

The project, currently under construction, is being delivered using an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process. This innovative design approach allows the contractor, client and all consultants to meet and work together from day one and establish project goals and values as a team. The IPD framework resulted in efficient and effective planning, scheduling, communication, collaboration and creativity. 

Sustainable design features such as solar panels, natural daylighting, radiant in-floor heating, and operable classroom windows contribute to an anticipated accreditation of LEED® Silver. A separate public entrance provides secure access to the gym, multipurpose room and kitchen for after-hours community use.

IPD Core Team: Edmonton Public Schools (owner), Delnor Construction (contractor), ACI Architects & Number TEN Architectural Group (architects)

IPD Team Members

Number TEN’s Role: Lead Planning and Design Architects
Size: 58,910 sq. ft.
Completion: Spring 2020 
Location: Edmonton, AB

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