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University of Winnipeg Axworthy Health & RecPlex

The Axworthy Health & RecPlex is a major recreational and wellness expansion to the University of Winnipeg’s Duckworth Centre at the heart of its downtown campus. The LEED®-Gold-certified facility accommodates a multitude of sports such as soccer, flag football and track and field, as well as cultural and community events. The Health & RecPlex features a large multi-use artificial turf field, a four-lane rubberized sprint track, fitness studios, retractable batting cages, a multi-events room, student lounge space, and an underground parkade.

The Duckworth Centre was also renovated as part of the project to create a new health and healing based wellness centre which includes an expanded athletic therapy clinic, a multi-professional clinic, food and beverage kiosks, a pharmacy and a medical supplies store.

The project was developed in close consultation with all university and community stakeholders. The vision emerging from this process was to create a facility that is equally open and appealing to the university’s athletics and kinesiology users, the surrounding local neighbourhoods, partnering organizations, and the broader community. Other major project goals included a focus on sustainability, campus integration and safety, and sensitivity to the surrounding community scale and character.

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Location: Winnipeg, MB
Client: University of Winnipeg
Number TEN's Role: Prime Consultant
Size: 160,000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2014