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Winnipeg Humane Society

Number TEN, together with California-based George Miers and Associates carefully planned the design of this innovative and environmentally sustainable animal shelter with a contemplative respect for all living beings. With over 100 years of community service, the Winnipeg Humane Society now operates from the first LEED® Silver certified animal shelter in Canada.

Included within the facility is a full-service on-site veterinary clinic equipped to provide medical and surgical care for thousands of in-shelter animals annually. The clinic is primarily used for the medical care of shelter animals including pets, foster animals and animals in rehabilitation. The clinic is designed to perform medical procedures ranging from routine physicals to limb amputation or major, life-saving surgeries.

An education area at the Humane Society provides a multi-purpose space that can accommodate tour group presentations, volunteer orientations, day camps, and dog obedience classes.

The building is built entirely from local, natural, and recycled materials. It is organized along an axis that connects the building’s mixed uses as well as to the surrounding walking trails, prairie grass, and deciduous trees outside. Views blend into the natural landscape where a nearby retention pond is aerated entirely by wind power. Administrative offices are found across the adoption gallery, where the dog apartments and cat condos are housed. Offices enjoy large glass windows that continue the open feel of the site. Employees, guests, and tenants enjoy the high level of natural light and air quality that streams through the building’s impressive array of clerestory windows, light tunnels, skylights, and air vents.

Winnipeg Humane Society: Testimonial from Number TEN Architectural Group on Vimeo.

Location: Winnipeg, MB
Client: Winnipeg Humane Society
Number TEN's Role: Prime Consultant
Size: 41,000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2007