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Centre Square Place

Regina is developing a fresh urban flair. Number TEN’s client, Centre Square Developments GP Inc., believes Regina residents are embracing the urban lifestyles of Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Number TEN’s design of Centre Square reflects Regina’s demand for upscale living spaces that are healthy, comfortable, well-lit, energy-efficient and low maintenance.

The building’s location, finishes, systems and amenities are designed for the best in urban living. The Centre Square neighbourhood after which the building is named, is located between Regina’s Wascana Park and the downtown core. Mixed housing, parks, shopping, bikeways, parks, and heritage buildings make Centre Square a vibrant community. Regina city councilors refer to Centre Square as “a signature project’’ for the city.

The building’s circular design and floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of the downtown to the north, Wascana Centre to the south and Regina’s cityscape all directions. The design takes advantage Saskatchewan’s “living skies”, offering residents with spectacular views of the prairie horizon.

Location: Regina, SK
Client: Centre Square Developments Inc.
Number TEN's Role: Design Architect
Size: 160,000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2013