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Number TEN Architectural Group


OUR firm

We serve our clients and communities by designing places that make life better. We love working with people who go the extra mile, strive for design excellence and push themselves to achieve more than expected. At Number TEN, we are known for having a positive approach, down-to-earth style and an ability to lead while building lasting relationships. Our passionate and highly specialized team of architectural and interior design professionals will listen carefully to your project goals and find the right path to help you get there. Using innovative technology, sustainable design strategies, efficient processes and a team-focused approach, we thrive at creating exceptional spaces that work, beautifully.

Our process creates three distinct benefits for our clients:

  1. We invigorate our clients and ourselves through a design process of exploration and discovery to realize the full potential of every project.
  2. We manage risk through a proprietary quality control process that carefully monitors schedules and budget.
  3. We balance our designs to make them:
    • beautiful
    • well built
    • easy to use
    • kind to the environment

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Our success is based on the consistent delivery of innovative solutions supported by our fundamental understanding of smart processes, construction technology and long-term building performance. We have demonstrated exceptional leadership in design innovation and implementation, excelling in institutional, commercial, hospitality, education and recreation design.

We currently have 75 employees with offices in Winnipeg and Victoria. Our strategic alliances with national and international firms allow us to expand our expertise to new places, new processes and new possibilities.

The complexities of large-scale projects, technical development and construction processes are managed by our highly-detailed quality control system. Our proficiency at contract documents and project management is widely recognized, and our building technology experience, honed in the Canadian Arctic, is an asset to every project.

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Every project and location is a puzzle waiting to be solved. Our solutions are built with ingenuity and innovation. We collaborate with our clients to establish clear program requirements, to identify opportunities / challenges, and to ensure that every project is a comprehensive response to the unique functional needs of our clients and the end users. The most stimulating urban environments are those that are organic and evolving. We create environments that react to existing cycles of movement and seasonal change. Our goal for every building is to celebrate individuality and personal expression while effectively responding to the location’s architectural, social and economic needs.

Health and Well-being:
We are committed to sustainable design strategies and passionately believe that environmental protection and the health and well-being of building occupants is our professional responsibility. Energy efficiency, natural light, high air quality levels, responsible material selection and reduction of water use are only a few of the sustainable design strategies that we utilize.

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Innovation is central to our practice. We aim to pursue new ideas that challenge the conventional perceptions of architectural form and its relationship to the environment. We strive to create stimulating places that facilitate social interaction and provide a fulfilling, transformative experience to all those who interact with the building, inside and out.

Agents of Change:
We lead our clients to create innovative solutions by being their agents of change. We look at each client’s culture and voice and create for them an environment that fosters belonging, well-being, internal coherence and order. We focus on open communication and dialogue with the building’s users, owners and operators to ensure that smart decisions are made from start to finish.

Our design success is supported by a fundamental understanding of construction technology, process and building performance. Our aim is to create imaginative and effective designs that are economically responsible and sensitive to the environmental and social conditions of the community. Every project is developed by an integrated, multi-disciplinary team who share responsibilities, common values and aspirations all working towards a single goal.

At the heart of every solution is our commitment to create places that respond effectively to those who use them and those who are affected by their presence. We incorporate universal design principles into all of our projects, ensure ease of access for people with disabilities and we incorporate effective ergonomic design, providing comfortable, safe and efficient work environments.


The Number TEN Spirit

Our office is distinguished by our character, collegial environment and delight in the creative process. We relentlessly search for innovative ways to communicate, design and build. In addition to our experience and dedication to creating great architecture, we are a people place. We love our jobs.

We value and truly enjoy our time spent working with clients, consultants and contractors, and we strive to build strong relationships that foster good will and a positive approach to the design and construction process. Each project at Number TEN tells a story about our client, the building’s users and the community at large.

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We Are Careful Listeners

To accomplish our work, we strive to understand what connects different people with the built form around them, what stimulates them and what ultimately gives them meaning. To understand these unique cultural influences and emotional drivers, we became keen listeners, patient interpreters and gentle inquisitors. We work hard to build mutual respect and trust between people from different cultures and backgrounds to achieve a feeling of “home” in the final design.

Our relationships with our clients and team members are characterized by:

Openness - Sharing one’s own experiences and sensitivities allows others to openly share theirs.
Humility - Respecting different qualities in others and valuing their opinions.
Listening - Respecting other peoples’ opinions and working to interpret and implement their meaning.
Patience - Understanding that good ideas take time to evolve.
Humour - Remembering that laughter brings people together.