Education / Recreation

Design Philosophy

Number TEN’s Education and Recreation team is comprised of passionate and knowledgeable designers with extensive experience delivering award-winning education and recreation projects of all types and scales. We take pride in working inclusively and collaboratively with diverse stakeholder groups to create innovative architecture that responds to the unique community needs, opportunities and challenges behind each project.

Our breadth of experience throughout Western and Northern Canada has honed our ability to deliver innovative built environments that are as diverse and unique as the communities in which they stand. We are careful to incorporate wellness, accessibility, sustainability and cultural representation into all projects so that the final product becomes a valued community asset that is welcoming to all who use it. Through open and honest communication with all stakeholders and team members, we make sure that everyone’s voices are heard and respected throughout the design process.

At Number TEN, we believe that great design not only fulfills a functional need, but also creates an environment where everyone feels welcome, safe, stimulated and engaged. Through ongoing research and project experience, we excel as Canadian leaders in the design of innovative 21st century learning and wellness environments developed in close collaboration with our clients and stakeholders.

Using comprehensive quality control and risk management processes and leading-edge technology, our architects, interior designers, technologists and contract administrators are skilled at delivering challenging projects on-time and on-budget. We are here to work with you as one team to create exceptional architecture that responds to your community’s unique needs - effectively and beautifully.

Subject Matter Experts

Doug Hanna

Doug Hanna is an architect and partner with Number TEN with over 25 years of experience in the design of public facilities. He works equally well with clients and collaborative design teams to provide a thoughtful approach to architecture that maximizes the potential for each project.



Christina Legris

Christina is an experienced architect with over 17 years of experience in the field. For the past 12 years, she has focused on education and recreation design and has worked with private and public clients in both Canada and the US. Her experience ranges from small classroom additions to the design of major education and recreation buildings. Christina is passionate about designing built environments that enhance the community experience.



Gabe Derksen

Gabe has over 15 years of architectural experience working closely with clients and communities on recreation and education projects at all scales. He is passionate about sustainable design and working with stakeholders to create innovative and engaging educational and recreational environments. Gabe brings to every project a commitment to quality in design, from the earliest concept stage to the development of the project’s details.