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University of Winnipeg Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex

The Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex is a landmark development that houses the University of Winnipeg’s biology, chemistry, and environmental studies academic programs. Consisting of more than 30 research and teaching laboratories, a vivarium, and rooftop greenhouse, the three-storey building welcomes over 2,000 students daily. Number TEN designed the facility to meet the university’s goal of creating a highly sustainable and leading-edge science complex.

University faculty and staff take office on the second floor of the building. Designed specifically to provoke both thought and innovation, Richardson College’s office interior provides a meaningful blend of vibrant accents and new technology amidst the building’s abundant natural light and green décor. Views outside any of the energy efficient office windows include the hustle of Portage Avenue or the tranquil tree grove in the atrium below. Steps outside the office door are the important administrative, meeting, workplace, and classroom spaces located centrally within the office periphery.

The $45.7 million complex is certified LEED® Gold and is one of the most energy efficient educational laboratory buildings in North America. A three-mode airflow system ventilates laboratories to capture approximately 80 percent of energy lost in laboratory exhaust. In addition, a 279 sq. m. wall, made from salvaged hard maple wood, stands to the north of the building to honor the historic neighborhood roller rink that formerly stood on the site.

Location: Winnipeg, MB
Client: University of Winnipeg 
Number TEN's Role: Prime Consultant
Size: 155,000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2011