Workplace Studio

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Studio Overview

Number TEN’s Workplace Interiors Studio specializes in developing creative, forward-thinking spaces that reflect your brand and drive success throughout your organization. Whether your project is large or small, our team of NCIDQ-certified professional interior designers focus on working within your budget to create value through every step of the design and construction process.

Our studio structure facilitates research, knowledge sharing and the incorporation of innovative approaches to enhance your project with leading-edge workplace design strategies. Our collaborative methodology and best-practice approach encourages active communication and efficient project delivery to create quality designs that stand the test of time. For every project, Number TEN’s Workplace Interiors Studio strives to develop and implement customized design solutions to improve productivity, enhance your company culture, and bring out the best in your workforce.

Commercial Interiors Design Lead

Genevieve Bergman

Genevieve Bergman
As leader of Number TEN’s workplace interiors team, Genevieve brings considerable design expertise, energy and natural leadership abilities to every project. She believes it is important to look at all stages of design with a critical eye, and that the most successful projects are a result of team effort and combined group expertise and knowledge. She fully recognizes and appreciates the importance of organization, responsibility, teamwork, and establishing strong relationships with clients. By consistently staying on top of new workplace trends on a global scale, Genevieve translates her knowledge and enthusiasm for design into each project.