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Manitou a bi Bii daziigae has received a Brownie Award in the REBUILD category.

"Red River College brings economic, social and environmental benefits that accelerate the pace of regeneration within Winnipeg’s urban heart...This project exemplifies regeneration and renewal at multiple levels: reinforcing city planning and economic policy for urban renewal, adaptive re-use of a heritage structure, and the full remediation and repurposing of a brownfield building site." 

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Project designed in joint venture with Diamond Schmitt


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Number TEN was humbled to accept a Prairie Design Award of Merit for Manitou a bi Bii daziigae on Monday evening.

From the jury: This building ensemble is conceived as an inclusive learning and research hub for emerging IT industries in consultation with the RRC community, industry leaders, and Indigenous stakeholders. Its ambitious design embraces the principles of community connectivity, inclusion, and collaboration through the adaptive re use of a 20,000-square-foot heritage building, an 80,000-square-foot addition, a skywalk and a student plaza. This project incorporates leading sustainable technologies and energy performance targets, including: a continuous photovoltaic panel skin exterior; an expansive skylight that channels daylight through a five-storey atrium to its interior spaces; and a ‘live’ operational performance data feed to its users. This project also incorporates Indigenous art and symbolism; the mural on the soffit area of the projecting cornice, while counter-intuitive, is a welcoming gesture to those who enter this facility.

To create welcoming, inclusive, collaborative spaces embedded in our places and communities is a privilege. To be recognized for this work is an honour.

Designed in joint venture with Diamond Schmitt

Award Submission (PDF)


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Manitou a bi Bii daziigae, designed by Diamond Schmitt in joint venture with Number TEN Architectural Group, is on the cover of Canadian Architect's September 2022 issue.

Lawrence Bird’s article describes the design and cultural intent of the space, and reflects the hope that the building represents for Winnipeg’s downtown.

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Number TEN Architectural group is honoured to work with the Southern Chiefs Organization as part of the team bringing new life to Winnipeg's Hudson's Bay Building. 

In the words of Brent Bellamy, "This is a project of hope and opportunity that will be a model for reconciliation in Canada."

Learn more about the Southern Chiefs Organization.

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We are proud to announce that Number TEN Associate Leslie Myers has been named Outstanding Woman in Construction of the Year by the Vancouver Island Construction Association.

This award recognizes a woman who has significantly and positively impacted the construction industry on Vancouver Island.

Leslie’s commitment to integrity, honesty, and quality are apparent in all that she does. She is a dedicated volunteer, mentor and leader always willing to share her time and expertise.

“She truly believes and shares that if anyone comes to work with a keen attitude to learn and demonstrates quality and integrity in the work they do, that they can be successful in the industry. Leslie knows that there isn’t anything that women can’t do and she demonstrates this belief daily,” says Colleen McConnell from the Construction Foundation of BC.

Leslie was nominated by Number TEN partner Barry Cosgrave. Ten years ago, Leslie joined Number TEN as junior designer. Since then, she has become both the leader of our Interior Design Studio, and an associate. Barry says, “She is tireless in her pursuit of knowledge and improving her professional skills, volunteering for industry committees and mentorship for Interior Design students. Her work ethic and people skills have allowed her to connect to people she works with both in the office and in particular clients, end users, contractors, subtrades and other professionals.”

We are lucky to have her strength, vision and entrepreneurial spirit on our team, and in the construction industry. Congratulations Leslie!


Watch the 2022 VICA Awards here.

Women in Construction


Number TEN Architectural Group Welcomes New Leadership

It is with excitement and pride that we present Number TEN’s newest Partners and Associates. Kerry Feeney, Rob Halliday, and Gabe Derksen are joining the leadership team as Partners, and Trent Piazzoni and Heather Anderson are stepping into the role of Associate. Each of these exceptional designers will bring their significant experience, dedication, and passion to their new roles as leaders within the firm.



 We’re thrilled to have won a MASI award for the KPMG Office Relocation!

The design team created an innovative design solution for KPMG while simultaneously establishing a unique identity for the Winnipeg location through the sophisticated interiors and refined materiality. Cool porcelain, warm walnut, colourful details and natural light invite the eye and calm the senses.

Congratulations to the team: Dave, Genevieve, Heather A, Milan, Lissi, Jesse, Kat, Wes, and Brenda.

Visit the project page here

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The Winnipeg Foundation  |  BeCause & Effect | July 20, 2021
Presented by Nolan Bicknell

Brent Bellamy is improving Winnipeg through design; as Creative Director at Number TEN Architectural Group, as well as a contributor to the Winnipeg Free Press, Brent is one of the leading voices in architecture and design and our city.

I sat down with Brent to talk about how urban design can affect social equity, the debate about urban sprawl and downtown living, and how our cities can evolve to allow future generations to thrive.

This episode is also on The Winnipeg Foundation’s YouTube channel, so you can watch the video of my conversation with Brent.


What is BeCause & Effect?
Host Nolan Bicknell talks to people about the Causes they care about and the Effect it has on their lives. BeCause & Effect is a podcast of The Winnipeg Foundation.

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Edu Fund Op

We are excited to announce the launch of the ḴEL,ḴELOŦEN ȻE S,ISTEW̱ education fund with our partners Gwaii Engineering, AME Group, Diamond Schmitt, Number TEN Architectural Group, RJC, AES, and the Victoria Native Friendship Centre.

To learn more, click to download:






Introduction to Interior Design
Interior Designers design the inside of buildings that we use every day such as schools, homes, hospitals, and offices. They plan out every space by drawing floorplans, choosing materials, selecting paint colours, lighting, and furniture. Interior Designers create spaces that are safe, functional, and beautiful.

Activity Sheets
Print one of the two PDF documents below - 8.5x11 or 11x17 
Colour, cut out, and add furniture to your space!
Take a photo of your completed diorama, post to social media, and tag us!

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