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It is with excitement and pride that we welcome two new associates to Number TEN: Aaron Pollock in Winnipeg and Lance Steele in Victoria. They bring a wealth of experience, dedication, and passion to their work, and we're eager to see what they will do in their new leadership positions.

WEB AP 100Aaron Pollock | Associate
Aaron first joined Number TEN as a summer student in 2015.
As an architect and project manager, Aaron is creative, disciplined, calm, and enthusiastic. He inspires confidence, and he balances speedy efficiency with measured thoughtfulness. He loves complicated design problems and thrives on complex projects.

Aaron’s design approach is bold, and he has a zeal for experimentation. He’s always ready to take a well-researched, thoroughly planned chance.


WEB LS 100Lance Steele | Associate
Lance is a dedicated, well-rounded architect who approaches every project with focus and precision. With a degree in economics and a background as a planner, Lance brings a unique perspective to architecture.

His focus on the big picture allows him to develop elegant solutions that strike a balance between pragmatic needs and aesthetic beauty, and that are both user-friendly and efficient.

While Lance always takes his work seriously, he has a great sense of humour and is always ready with a joke and a smile.

Lance joined Number TEN’s Victoria office in 2015, and he has been providing high-value services ever since. His consistency, dependability, and straightforward approach keep his projects on course, and make him a pleasure to work with.