Saturday, May 28 is World Interiors Day, and to celebrate the important role interior architecture/design plays in our society, we reflected on some aspects of design that are important to consider when planning your next indoor space. This year’s WID theme is Interiors Intelligence, so we asked ourselves: what factors contribute to intelligent interior design? Here are some examples of spaces that demonstrate smart design concepts in action.

Is your space sustainable?

University of Winnipeg Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex, a project of Number TEN's architects.University of Winnipeg Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex
In addition to minimizing harm to our natural environment, sustainably designed interiors offer plenty of advantages including lower energy costs, better air quality and health benefits for building users.

Is your space accessible?
Sigurdson McFadden and Associates
Providing a welcoming, accessible environment for everyone – regardless of their age or level of mobility – is not just a matter of following building code. It’s also good for business when users of all abilities can enjoy and interact with the space.

Is your space flexible?

Our places of living, work and play can be enhanced and made more productive when designed with flexible components such as movable furniture, room dividers and open workstations. Watch this video displaying the concept of flexibility to the max!

Is your space adaptable?
Seven Stones Community School
The best interior designers develop solutions that not only work well in the short term, but are adaptable to changing needs over time. Adaptable designs can also accommodate a variety of different activities, tasks and learning styles.

Is your space efficient?
Manitoba Hydro Winnipeg Headquarters
Professional interior designers do much more than choose colours, materials and furniture. One of the most important steps in the design of any new project is space planning, where the optimal placement of interior components are identified and strategically implemented to ensure the interior space works as well as it looks.

Is your space connected to nature?
Assiniboine Park Qualico Family Centre
Integrating cues from the great outdoors can have a transformative impact on the appeal of any interior environment. Strategies such as maximizing daylight, incorporating views to the outside, and using natural materials will create a feeling of calmness and wellbeing.

Is your space celebrating its history?
Canad Inns Metropolitan Entertainment Centre (MET Theatre)
Every project presents an opportunity to tell the unique story of its place. Historic building conversions, for example, offer a great opportunity to integrate and combine original building elements with modern features to meet today’s needs while honouring the past.

Is your space illuminated?

Hilton Hotel and Suites Lobby
Well-planned lighting strategies can have a tremendous impact on the ambiance, feel and perceived quality of your space. Interior designers understand the influence of lighting on mood, and use its power to subtly convey brand messages and encourage desired behaviours.

Is your space healthy?
IISD offices, 111 Lombard Avenue
The best interior spaces are not only pleasant on the eyes, but good for the body and mind as well. Interior designers consider factors such as ergonomics, air quality, acoustics, and safety of building users to create spaces that promote health, wellness and increased productivity.

Is your space current?
ERA Bistro at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Interiors that are interesting, current and well maintained communicate that your organization or business is forward-thinking and well managed. Innovative spaces offer differentiation from the competition, increasing brand value and public interest.

Is your space tech savvy?
Misericordia Health Centre CT Scan
Most organizations understand the value of integrating state of the art technology to improve productivity and efficiency. Equally important is how the design interacts with the technology used. Interior designers anticipate and integrate technology to ensure it generates the highest possible return on investment.

Is your space sending the right message?

Professional interior designers work with you to develop design solutions that consider numerous factors, using years of education, training and experience to develop balanced design solutions that align with your budget. While traditionally viewed as a business expense, great interior design offers numerous benefits that, when done properly, will generate a significant return on investment.

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