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By Breanna Mulhall, Architectural Design Intern

When typical solutions fail… When inspiration strikes like lightning… When we think, feel and act on something new. The creative process is a daily ritual for designers.

At times, the journey simulates racing against waist-high water, fighting the resistance of the tide. Other times, it just flows.  For those not involved in the process, the result simply is. All of the long days and late nights, the hair-pulling, the tedious revisions, the internal debates and the group collaboration sessions are overlooked. The built object before our eyes becomes what we know, what the public knows: an object, at times, of both scrutiny and praise.

What informs the opinions of a finished piece? What qualities dig under our skin and elevate our souls? On the surface, it is personal opinion; our own preferences informed by years of unique experiences. Much deeper than that, though, I believe it is the designer’s intention.

All designers share a common vocabulary of purpose, craft, scale, function, and form. Under the influence of an innovative mind, these terms come together to achieve a unique human experience. The following interview invites you to revel in the variety of the creative process and to reflect on its importance in our society: Where would we be today without design? Where can we be tomorrow because of it?



By Greg Hasiuk, MAA, SAA, MRAIC, LEED®AP
Practice Leader, Number TEN Architectural Group

I was recently at the 87th Council of Educational Facility Planners International Conference in San Jose California.

Notable keynotes speakers were Robert Scoble and Tom Friedman (http://www.cefpiworldconference.org/speakers.php#Naked).
The theme was “Learning in a Flat World”.  It was inspiring!  Here are some of my notes:

Facts no longer need to be learned.  Concepts and connections do.
Information no longer needs to be found.   It finds you.
The internet allows the gathering of the world’s knowledge.
Social Networks allow the gathering of the world’s people.
Collaborative problem solving is now possible with people from around the world, in real time.
To flourish, you will have to generate your own content.  Share it.  Post it.  Let the world come to you.


ntagblog-07-2010Coming from rural southern Manitoba, it’s easy to think that we don’t have any “architectural heritage” to look to for inspiration. However, our prairie landscape is rich with remnants that tell the story of our ancestor’s. In my case, it’s the story of people who embraced their community and who were very intentional about how they carried on the traditions of the place they came from.

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