Number TEN Architectural Group Welcomes New Leadership

It is with excitement and pride that we present Number TEN’s newest Partners and Associates. Kerry Feeney, Rob Halliday, and Gabe Derksen are joining the leadership team as Partners, and Trent Piazzoni and Heather Anderson are stepping into the role of Associate. Each of these exceptional designers will bring their significant experience, dedication, and passion to their new roles as leaders within the firm.



Gabe Derksen | Partner

Gabe is the leader of Number TEN’s Net Zero Action Team, and a fierce advocate for low-carbon, high-performance buildings. To be responsible for the creation of space is an honour and a privilege that Gabe does not accept lightly. He freely shares his expertise in sustainable design with clients and with the community, so that we can continue to experience beautiful, functional spaces for generations to come. 

Rob Halliday | Partner

Rob's diverse portfolio of work, with specialist knowledge in a wide variety of areas, is a testament to his tenacity. Some might say these are his greatest skills, but it goes deeper than this: Rob is the one that people trust. Rob has earned the trust of his coworkers and clients. He’s an accomplished listener, always open to new ideas, and will take the time to respond thoughtfully to the opinions of others. Designing spaces that work for his clients, and seeing their satisfaction, makes the hard work of architecture worth it.

Kerry Feeney | Partner

Kerry brings a unique perspective, and method, to the projects she leads: She designs from the inside out. Kerry is an active member of the American Institute of Architects’ Academy of Architecture for Justice, a passionate leader in community-based design, a loud advocate for vulnerable communities, and a source of empathy within the field of architecture.

Heather Anderson | Associate

Heather is a talented designer, enthusiastic mentor, and thorough project manager. She understands design: the business, the art, and the craft of maintaining relationships. She encourages curiosity and humility in her teams: there is always space for one more question. Her modest confidence and high standards lead her to develop creative design solutions within the constraints of each project.

Trent Piazzoni | Associate

Trent creates contemporary spaces that will stand the test of time, and display character that is worthy of the communities they serve. He is calm, thorough, responsive, and client-focused in all that he does. One of Trent’s many strengths, honed through experience, is making informed decisions quickly. Experience is wisdom, but only if you know to pay attention to it. Trent does.


It is our leaders who will guide Number TEN into the future.

We cannot wait to see what Number TEN and our clients will accomplish under their leadership.