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By Brent Bellamy, Architect + Creative Director 
Originally published in the Winnipeg Free Press

In our desperate battle to slow the spread of the coronavirus, almost four billion people, half the world’s population, are living under stay-at-home orders. In a rare united effort, governments, industry and citizens alike are working together to combat a common global enemy. The scale and speed of societal change left in its wake would have been unthinkable only a few weeks ago.


(SHANNON VANRAES / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS FILES) Active transportation can play a key role, both during the pandemic and in rebuilding the city’s physical and social infrastructure afterward.

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By Aaron Pollock, Architect 

With the current demand for healthcare workers PPE (personal protective equipment), it is not surprising that many individuals at home have stepped up to do what they can to alleviate this demand. Our resourceful nature allows us to contribute to the national issue at hand, and aid in supporting those working at the front lines of the current pandemic. Our staff at Number TEN are also trying to be as resourceful as possible by answering the call for PPE through 3D printing.

Using dynamic art, energy dashboards and building information systems to inspire energy savings from occupants and owners.

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By Amanda Ross, Architect

Since the first versions of LEED, architects have been using signage and displays to educate and inspire building occupants to save energy and water.  It was based on a simple idea: educate people on ways to reduce energy and water use, and they will be more likely to do so.  While this is true, and most of the first installations were very educational, the design of many of these displays tended to be technical, wordy and easy to ignore. 

energywheel.jpgImage: United Therapeutics / Hush Studios

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By Milan Code, Interior Designer 

Covid-19 has remarkably influenced our everyday lives, impacting the way many of us work. Working from home has rapidly become the new norm for many professionals across the globe. How do we keep up with this new way of working while still performing our job? Milan, from our Workplace Interiors team has 5 strategies to successfully work from home below.

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By Aaron Pollock, Architect

Now more than ever, we are hesitant to touch public surfaces. Whatever your new technique might be; like using your elbow to say hello, a disinfectant wipe to clean your grocery cart, or pulling your sleeve over your hand to open a door – we’re all guilty of doing something that just three weeks ago others would look at admonishingly.

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